Reboot SoD Vol 2

Hi all, well after 20 something images decided I was not happy with Shades of Darkness Vol 2: Kari and Zoey, 10 images went to Patreons today.

So, the past 2 days I rebooted it and got the opening scene done. I am using G2 not G3 and a new apartment that fits more with college students I feel. Anyway here are the 2 new models, let me know what you think.

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Sonya + Monster

I committed to an animation a month for Patreons and I have had positive feedback with Sonya so I did a loop of this image sequence (for Patreon) and thought I would share a still, the BW effect is not in animation.

Look for Shades of Darkness teasers this weekend, post working some of the next chapter now :P)



Erin and Vikki VI almost done

Rebecca let Jeffery have a little fun with Valarie too 🙂 wonder where she  >-)

At 105 images with about 10 left, WIP 1-80 going to $10 Patreons in a few minutes for review, once im 100% done all Patreons will get the set.

On sale Saturday 3-26-2016 at Affect 3D exclusively 



Erin and Vikki VI:Therapy (teasers)

Below are some teaser images from “Erin and Vikki VI:Therapy”


The short version is Dr Carlson,  in charge of delivering therapy to over sexed girls, to “help them” control them self, has her male nurse Jeffry helping here and a volunteer student also assisting in today’s session. Much more detail to come on whats going on here.

Planned release 100+ images for this set is March 26th, a friendly reminder $5 Patreons get these sets if you can please consider supporting me there

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