As in Tori and Ashley.

About 20 images in to this se, I am traveling Tue-Wed next week my plan is to get the current WIP images to you $10+ Patreons for review before I head out so probably Monday 🙂



Erin says “hi”

Erin has been getting treatment at the NewTou Inc. Clinic, it is supposed to help her control her overly charged sex hormones. Well it’s not working!

I’m working with a former Patreon turned QA specialist who I owe several commissions to, and Erin is high on his list. Look for a few more images of her soon.

In other news:

I am working on 4 different projects, yep that’s a bit much, February Set is in Posing Mode, Ashley/Tori Moving In, March set we will see what’s going on at the clinic with Erin.

Also I have 2 full set commissions that I am starting to get things in order, Mark P. has a non-consensual set we are working on character development now and Gon has a gamer set with 3 hot girls and a few gaming nerds, again early stages of set up.

That along with the monthly 1 offs, Fyre, Sonya, Elf impaling…..  the usual 😉

Oh, hows this for on going saga of equipment failure, I lost 2 Titan Black cards yesterday, 2! the system is connected to a 1500 WAT UPS – so no power surge. Got CUDA errors while rendering then system freeze, then driver issues, installed newest driver – cards has ERROR CODR (43) according to EVGA and NVIDA support = Cards RIP! I hope I have paid the hardware gods enough now to let me use systems for a couple years… I ordered one replacement and took the Titan out of my old system soon to be decommissioned, so ill be back at full rendering capacity Thursday…. but man…. can I get a break?

Back to work!




This is Sonya and one of a few Patreon Commissions I am finishing up this week/weekend. Couple images blow including, I did a topless one for Patreons $1+ 😉

Looking for feedback and more images over next few days to look at.

001j1 001j2clean


Practicing Witchcraft

Tomorrow  Patreons get the final image set and comic! On sale at Affect 3D, Renderotica and Mongobongo’s blog next Saturday.

Nineteen year old Gabby decides to try some new spells despite her aunt Maggie’s warnings. When her attempts to conjure a new pet turns terribly wrong. A demon is summonsed who refuses to let Gabby orgasm and threatens to take her to the underworld for an eternity of sex without cumming!

Vaginal, Anal, Double Penetration, Oral, Tit Fucking, Petite, Teen, Multiple Cum shots, Orgasm Denial, Demon, Monster Sex, Fairy, Fantasy


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