Happy Thanksgiving

Orcs apparently stuff Elfs not turkeys.

Quick update:

This set is almost at 50 images, it will release December 17th Patreons $5+ will get this when done, 2 weeks (give or take a day or 2)

Witch set, 30 images in but on hold while I take care of a mini set for a multi artist set Affect 3D.

10-15 mini set, for Supro’s charity drive and although all you will get my 10 image set if you can please support his cause and buy the set when its released. I will post link when it’s on sale.

I’ve started all the monthly Patreon commissions but won’t finish until this weekend with all the rendering going on!

Also have a new director set ($250 pledge) starting the initial character build now, this will be done over the next 6-8 weeks too.

Come Jan 1st I am going to make another attempt to learn C4D food enough to start rendering with it.

If you can please support me over on Patreon, even $1 pledge would be helpful!



Practicing Witchcraft (WIP)

Gabriella (Gabby) has had some success with her witchcraft under the tutelage of a magic hat named Jax, that she conjured from scraps of retired witch hats and brooms. Still a novice and somewhat mistake prone Gabby insists on practicing almost every minute of the day.

By far her favorite spell is the summoning of creatures no longer part of this world but with one caveat they are much smaller than they had been, once summoned she quickly cages them. Gabby often taunts the little creatures she has collected getting a kick out of their squeaky angry voices.

Jax has warned her to stop this hobby of hers and focus on less risky spells. With all her mistakes it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong.

Mocking Jax Gabby has decided to summons a small demon to add to her collection: “What’s a witch without a demon pet?”

$10 Patreons got the firs t200 WIP images today



The opening for DR 4 is done, 20 images total will be about 60 or so when done. This is the first part of 4 or 5 image sets that will tell this story.

Fae’aria and Nyssia will have a small part at the end but I am setting up the beginning to show why they interrogate an Orc and then go off on a quest to stop this “bad” Elf. This is Tahrain she will be Fae’aria nemesis in this story.

All $10 + Patreons will get these first 20 images and I would love feedback on what needs changing or fixing from you!

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