I’m working on the female character Shiva for a Patreon’s request, before we get into images/animation we need to get a character close 😉 .

This is the reference iamge: Shiva Referance

This is my first pass at her (no post work just rendered), V4 / Poser girl, I am going to make a G2 DAZ girl today/tomorrow also and tweak as needed. Let me know what you think on possible changes, appreciate it.

Turntable animation here: Shiva Turntable

Turntable animation V2 here: Shiva V2 Turntable



Horsing around

This is a tease, for sure. The follow up (1 additional image) for this is available to Patreons only she is rewarded 😉

Making progress learning DAZ enough to use it for sets with Octane plug in, this is a short term move. Long term I am learning C4D and Vray, I plan to do some testing this week with rendering some girls in C4D / Vray, if any look decent ill post them however I think I got a few weeks to go in order to work out the work flow and Vray settings.

My new workflow will be Pose in DAZ G2 for now, export then import into C4D. Texture / lighting with Vray materials. This was one of my goals when I first started based on some awesome renders hitman did using that work flow and he still uses it and his stuff is top notch in 3DX.

Animation, still a WIP and it won’t be C4D, for now it may be DAZ/Octane or Poser/Octane. Plan here is to start getting a few loops a month out for critique might get one done this week!

Erin set is at 62, looks like 70ish will finish up this week and get the set to all $5 + Patreons prior to store release.



Overdue update

A little over due on an update for the latest Erin and Vikki installment.

New iamge filters im trying to get a more realistic look, feedback welcome.

I’m over 50 images in and plan to post work everything Monday. Tried some new stuff this set, Futa on Futa and self tit fucking / facial. The room is limited, it’s a bathroom but there are plenty of cum shots and sex as always. And it looks like at least on 10 sec animation loop will be part of it.

Vikki’s in this set at the end briefly, the entire bathroom seen is a set up by Miss Natalie and her sex toy Rachel. Seems Miss Natalie wants Erin for herself and the more sex she has the larger her gift gets.

Got a challenging horse animation I’m starting next week, see how that goes 😉



An OC from Patreon

Hey all, this character, Fyre, is an OC (original character) that one of my $50 Patreons has created (at least in his stories. We have been working together to get her just right including custom pubic hair style, custom sigils on the boots and her over all physical look. Took about 3 weeks of back and forth.

Special; thanks to Supro3D who has also worked with this character/Patreon in the past. He sent over the base boot texture, face texture for red eyebrows and the info on where to get the bas character and hair. Support him too!!

I made a turn table animation for all Patreons, basically she spins around in the animation so you get to see all of her. Look for much more from her in the future as you can tell from her description below she loves sex!

“Fyrona is a fire and psychic empowered Super-Human Sex-Goddess of many dimensions: Heroine, Philosopher, and Porn Star. She proves that sexual doesn’t mean shallow. She’s not an elf, but those giant ears are as sexually sensitive as her clit. Goddess Fyre (aka Fyre Melons) is a fantasy come true for some, as she loves to fuck her fans.”



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