Natalie, Erin and Rachel

Miss Natalie at home preparing for tomorrows lessons for her students and two of her students in the upcoming Erin and Vikki set (Erin with new girl Rachel). I may play around with some solo animations here or even spin a set off (small 20- image type set)

I’m not sure if my images are sucking lately or Patreon is digging into sales or …. But sales SUCK the past 2 sets

Oh yea – I have a Tumblr site, can you help me get some followers, not even sure how it works….. but trying to get the word out.

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Just a small bite

Jessica and Ellie will be back for Demon Doll House II. Working on getting the apartment ready, using same lay out as last set with much of the action taking place in the home with a short scene back at Demon Vamps “Doll House”. Both girls will need to “give blood” and the mirror portal will be back as always, along with Jessica’s Vampire master who as always will have a lot of fun with hi submissive servant.

The girls will also have their Step dad introduced in this set with Ellie really getting to know him rather well 😉

Going to shoot for some animation on this set as its rendering on the new system so when appropriate ill chill on the static posing and fire up an animation loop!

Anyway, this is a new build for Vampire using G2 (feedback welcome) probably add some tats and scars on him.

I got 6 images done with the next Erin and Vikki installment and I am planning to get the May commission images ($50 pledges) done this weekend.






Oh, almost forgot! Working with a 4 armed creature, with a few tentacles that’s about 10 feet tall playing with 4 girls, working on pose lots of time to get it right once i render ill show yea.


Carina Comic Version

All done sample image below (Mad Monk did the writing and did a damn nice job!). On to next set.Set on sale at Renderotica, Mongo and Affect3D shortly. Support me if you can, so i can make more stuff 😉

I got a new monster for a space set in my head, will render some next week and im going to start making Jessica / Ellie and step dad on new system tomorrow.

Little travel next week but im going to try and get 2 more sets done before Aug 15th.



Change in plans

Im liking the blonde better and im going to stick to the flow of the last few sets in school with Erin and Vikki, keep the students in uniform. I did take some feedback and make some changes, wall, ceiling but the hand dispenser is staying i dont think its that bed?

There is another scenario in store for this one. The lighting is still not right, not the over all look the amount thats bouncing off stuff and hitting the skin. Octane seems to be a real hard render engine to get indoor NON-HDRI renders looking nice esp with skin. Im going to change a few things again and re render but this looks like the set up im goign with.

Monk got me the first 50 of 77 comic part of Carina set and ill have it all by Thursday night 🙂


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