Carina set heating up

Here is a sneak peek on part 2 of the WIP Carina asset, I am 15 images in and this one has a hard stop at 60 so I can get more sets out!

Carina seen here after she had been stalked in the halls of this dungeon, that chair looks a bit uncomfortable :-O

Demon clown Balto has a few tricks up his sleeve this set including being able to clone himself, you know 2 are always better than 1. He also has a rather large beast in a cage that he feeds pretty girls too, seems Carina is next in line (after he has his fun)!

A download link for the first 15 images of this set will be sent out to all $10 + Patreons probably tomorrow AM, I need to post work the set. Also $1 Patreons got a second image of whats going on in the background there 😉

This will not include the comic version that Mad Monk is working on, that will be available when the set is released.


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