Commissions done

All the $50 Patreon commissions, I have 4 slots of $50 Patreon pledges entitled to 1 image (commission each month).

So what did they have me do?

1. Erin my futa gal plunging into a hot Elf in a mystical cave 1 image

2. Bad cop has started to undress out punk rocker; we do need a transition image between last month and this one I will get to at some point. 1 image

3. Kimi, cute girl (I do like her look) gone bad, she has been used in every possible way and what’s in store for her I don’t know but I am anxious to see 6 images

4. Finally we have a first attempt at a well-known pop start, can you guess who she is? This like all efforts on getting 3D models to look like real people is a WIP, each image we will make small changes to body and face to get her closer. 6 images She looks great and I was happy with how the new stage came out – /nerd talk stop All have 1 pose with diff angles, the multi images only.

All images available to Patreons $1 +.




More Kimi

Catching up on the four $50 Patreon commissions this weekend, 1 more to go. This is one of 5 different angles of Kimi (I added in the topless shot), her lower half has quite a bit of goo between her legs and ass cheeks.

I am not sure where the Patreon is taking this but one thing for sure Kimi seems to get used quite a bit in this club. I have two other commissions done like this one and I’m fairly certain all 4 will be visible to Patreons before end of month, it’s up to them if they choose to share.

So rubi’s set gets full attention now starting tomorrow, I got 3 weeks to finish that up.

Anyone play Warcraft? I have a Warsong Gultch room done that may be used for some capture the flag / hard sex between Elfs and Orcs/Taurens and other factions of the Hrode, going to test render the room today.

g_04 g_06_bonus



Well for futanari fans Erin’s prequel set to the Erin and Vikki sets is done.

Total of 85 images will be available on Affect 3D, Renderotica and Mongo’s site this weekend. Patreons will be getting the set tomorrow morning.

Worked hard on some dynamic non symmetrical posing, this one was one of my favorites and if you look real close you can see Kim is enjoying her anal reaming of Erin in this shot (see the gushing liquids). As always 3 cum shots, or 4 well all done in Realflow and I really tried hard to get hair to move “right” you know gravity.

Ok focus turns to Rubi, 80 images into that one and it will be 100+ when done, March 21st release date on that.

I’m mentally drained, 2 sets in parallel is not the way to roll I can tell you that and that’s after taking December off for the most part. So yea, Rubi we will work on and finish and at the same time ill go back to learning stuff….



Erin set nearing completion!

Hey all, this set is nearly done. There will be a part 2 later in the year, Erin’s dream sequence is the focus here.

A little note about the set:

Like most college students, Erin never has enough money to make ends meet, so she takes up whatever jobs are available to make some extra cash. One of these is volunteering at campus medical center for psychological tests, fitness tests and so on. On this particular night, Erin is scheduled to be part of a new sleep trial, led by Witchstone’s premier sleep specialist, Dr. Alexis Mackenzie.

Dr. Alexis Mackenzie: Witchstone’s youngest doctorate and academic poster-child, this 20 something researcher is well respected and loved by her colleagues and academic peers. However, among her students, particularly women, she has a very hands on style of work. Regardless, her work in sleep science has lead to breakthroughs throughout the medical community, thus she has been given substantial leeway in how she conducts her experiments. Tonight, she has invited one of her most gifted students, Erin to her lab in order to trial her latest invention, dubbed “The Dream-Catcher”.

A reminder, Patreons $5 + get this set Next week, $10+ have ACT 1 and 2 already ~ 40 iamges.


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