Erin and Vikki II: Show and Tell

Erin and Vikki II “Show and Tell” is done!

This started in July and I planned to get it out in early September, but then hardware failures and new system issues set me back months. In the end set came out nice and it ties in well with the first set as it’s a university setting, part 1 was the locker room part 2 is in the class room. I think I will do a part 3 I like the girls in this set, the futa girls look hot. If you do not like futa then just pretended she is using a strap on LOL 😉 I honestly never intended to do one of these sets, until Eric sent me a commission request 5 years ago (ok 1.5 years ago) that I may finally start but I am glad I do an occasional futa set now.

This one has a lot of “stuff” 5 cum shots for Vikki, first DP for Vikki, spanking, oral, anal, school girl outfits, voyeurism, and group sex. Put in a few close ups and pic-pic too.

Several places you can get this set

My Patreon site supporters $5 +  got both part 1 and part 2 sets tonight, if your thinking about long term support for my stuff that may be a good option for you 😉

I’m going to set up a store page but until then you can buy direct:

Purchase Erin and Vikki II direct $10

Direct Purchase Bundle Part 1 and 2 $14.99

Affect3D Store standalone Part II $10 or bundled Part I and Part II for $14.99;  Release Nov 26th

Renderotica Store standalone Part II $10 or bundled Part I and Part II for $14.99; Release Nov 26th

Poser RIP: in other news I have installed DAZ 4.6 (again) and this week I plan to learn it enough to pose, set up scene and render a few test images using DAZ. The Erin and Vikki set was a complete lag fest, I would move a limb wait 5 sec and then it move. I set up the new Succubus set with 2 G2 models and nothing else in scene and again lag fest with sub divisions set to 0, what a joke. I have always used Poser but its time to move on. I may try using DAZ, pose and export to Maya and render with the Octane Maya plug in , this would be a much better long term plan so I’ll let you know, next post will have my decision on this hoping prior to the weekend.

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Erin and Vikki II, Nov 26th

Vikki seems got be getting quite the stimulus going on this set. If you recall in the first part Vikki is introduced to futa love and loses her anal virginity. In this set she is involved in her first group sex, DP and I’m up to 6 cum shots for her 😯

Looks to be 65 images more if I have time but Friday is my drop dead stop on this and the posing , Zbrush, lighting and materials/rendering with 5 actors in the images towards the end of this set now take all day to do :-/

Released at vendor sites Affect3D and Renderotica  Nov 26th, Patron supporters will have access to the set this weekend, i have also started uploading the older sets for Patreon supporters, I am really trying to make supporting me there worth it long term its a better way for me to see if this is all worth my time and effort.. Relying on stand alone sets is not really working out given the time and effort put in. So if your buying sets take a peek at my Patreon site perhaps thats a better option for you and me 😉

I’m also going to start posting images of WIP in chunks of 5 + as they are finished over at the Patron site to get feedback and keep fresh content streaming to the supporters there. I still plan to single images/updates here 5-8 times a month too.

I’m also going to change the posting workflow here, everyone can still post and vote but things will need to be approved by me before they show up on the blog, if I suspect the same poster I’m going to remove all the posts for that person. Post 1 time with any thoughts you have – that is fine, 2 + times and all your posts area removed.



Strength in Numbers

These are iamges I entered in the Affect3D Breast Cancer Awareness Competition, I missed making an iamge last month (October is breast cancer awareness  month) so I took this opportunity to do something on this subject.




Nadine, Rielle, Adrianna and Saylor

bc_affect3d_1 bc_affect3d_2




Succubus version 2 and cast

Update time and some logistic changes, I hope.

Look for Vikki and Erin post here later tonight or tomorrow, I am post working now and plan to share a few iamges 😉

I know Krozam, the succubus skin is not realistic but purple is my favorite color and when is the last time you seen a succubus for skin color confirmation 😉

The Succubus Tale Chapter One: Character Introduction;

Syren Delacroix (succubus form and human form) is our protagonist in this tale. As a demonic Succubus she has many other-worldly abilities, including the ability to shape-shift. Her nature leaves her constantly in need of sex, her looks meaning she is never shy of it. While any sex will do to satisfy her physical needs though, she has a predilection for the innocent, finding the taste of their descent in to depravity sweeter than any wine. This fondness has given her unusual attachment to one of her kind’s sworn enemies: the church, where she finds no end of fun. Beyond this simple proclivity she has no real sexual preferences, except maybe that her partners enjoy the act as much as she does.

Sayla (innocent form and possessed form) is Syren’s newest discovery and plaything, a bride of Christ who has been raised by the church and is ignorant of much of the world outside it’s walls. Kind-hearted and pure, she is devoted to a life of austerity, chastity and charity and is admired by her peers for her faith and virtue.

Father Jaxon is a man of the cloth. Helping raise Sayla and many others from an orphanage, he is proud of her and see’s her as the perfect example of femininity, far removed from the hobos and whores he’s worked to cure over the years in his work.

Patreon Update: This is one image of 6 in total, 5 WIP static poses like this, 1 Pin-up of the 2 evil girls groping Father Jaxson who is having a bit of trouble holding off temptation. These will be sent to Patron supporters later today along with 2 other Vikki Erin per-release images.

Image Set Update: Vikki and Erin are at 45 images of about 60 total. I’m catching up on post work tonight and goign to do a QA pass.  The students who were watching the show seem to have got a bit ansi … Succubus set early stages, characters are done, clothing is done and I have 2 options for the set I’m trying to figure out what is best probably a week or so before rendering starts on that.

Blog Updates: I’m going to again, make an effort to post more here and send more out to Patreon supporters. Balancing 2 image sets at once is a bit rough and now with Patron I can make more creations in the 10-20 image range for updates more often and post a few here too. Seems like time better spent.

Technical WIP Updates: I have been using Poser for 2 years now and have started the migration to DAZ. I like a lot of content that is DAZ only and I am starting to use the G2 figures that bend better and overall look more detailed. Since I am using Poser and DAZ to simply pose then render using Octane I see no reason to keep using Poser due to its constant crashing with G2 and incredibly huge amount of LAG, example, I move a limb on a figure and 2-4 seconds later it moves. This on a system with 32 Gig RAM and 2 i7 processors…. My god. That said Poser will be used for Vikki / Erin and for the Succubus set.

The DAZ challenge besides learning the foundation is rendering. I can try Octane for DAZ or I can export FBX format to Maya and get the Octane plugin for Maya since long term and animations I will be there anyway. Not to mention Maya and Real flow work together so …. Seems that’s the 2-4 month plan to get there.

Animation Update: I am getting “it”, the animation part, working on overlapping action, squash and stretch this week. Still not dabbled with character animation as I want to get a solid foundation on the tool Maya and Animation in general. I’m also needing to learn how to make or fix the rigging that exports into Maya Via DAZ3d…. this is a fairly large challenge.


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