New Poll

Please take a sec and vote on new poll to right, based on these 4 Super Hero Gals. I am still tweaking them a bit and open for suggestions on look, hair, breast size etc… so feel free to post ideas before I start a set with one or more of them 🙂 I have a favorite here but wont reveal who that is but she will get a set soon.

Im going to get the contest winner iamge done that I owe and may use that image to do a Halloween set, if i got time. The Vikki Erin set will commence rendering tomorrow when drive gets back and target release date is Oct 29th, 2 weeks later then I hoped for but mehh what can you do. I plan to back up daily going forward lesson learned.






Another new one

Another hottie installed and rendered last night before I went to bed and she deserves a look 🙂  (she needs a name). Used this image as the reference, I should have made her pony tail longer but again quick and simple.

Data with the Erin and Vikki set should be her later this week, in the mean time I am continuing to install content on the mew system. No-issues since I took the second GPU out, sent that one back yesterday who knows when I get the replacement.



Nadia, thoughts?

Another gal I rendered that I like, looking for feedback, good, bad, ugly? New system been rendering and up now 24 hours with out issues after I took one of the GPUs out, seems that was the issue. Ill post more taht I have not rendered in past as I install them and if they look good to me. Probably start a set tomorrownaida22 on new system.



New system iamge to prove it :)

Well, the new system came in and I spent all day reinstalling Poser, Octane, Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, 3DS ……. also rendering girls I have not rendered before (like Karri here) as I install them. Nothing supper intense, simple pose,  simple lights no props etc… but the ones I like i’ll share for comments on what you think of them for future sets 🙂

The new system did have issues again, the video was cutting out – black screen esp when rendering. I took one of the GPUs out and now its been running non stop 10 hours . I plan to call this joke of a company I got this system from and get it swapped out but at least i got something I can render with. Hoping Monday fro an update on the data recovery.

You should see some quick posts then next day or two on the renders im doing like this, again seeing how they look rendered – comments welcome on the girls as i post them


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