Update / Test Render

Trying to update here more often for you.

This is a test render / concept art for an image im working, figure rather than delete it i’d share and ask for feedback. Working on the posing and lighting the production render wont be this 😉 The demon is porting through the mirror to take Ellie away, maybe she should believe Jessica about these experiences she has had with demon vampire creatures 😉

Trying to get a Realflow effect in this too, see if it works out would be pretty cool if it does. Im not sure when this set will be done, it should move pretty fast once the girls are through the mirror into the demons dimension but getting there has proved to be challenging due to Octane lighting when 4 walls are involved :-/ should have an ETA or an idea by end of the week.



Jessica and Ellie set started

Started rendering the current work in progress with Jessica and her step sister Ellie meeting up with a few daemons. Ill try and get an image done for the 4th got a few ideas and props that might work, if i got time.


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