Ellie and update

This image failed me and is not in the production set, thought id share it with blog followers.

I don’t know why polls wont work, i set them up and they work sometimes and don t others. oh well. Jessica / Ellie set is 17% done, target 80 images give or take a few.

Happy weekend!




Sara, her friend and an update

Took a break from rendering Jess and Ellie, wanted to keep updates going on the blog with something different, the set is moving a long despite a few restarts.

New girl Sara just got her today, what you think?

This room created throne, floor/walls and alter all made for the Jess/Ellie set, textures look decent I feel.

Made the tentacles in Zbrush, they come in handy for keeping the girls in just the right position. I will make more organic looking ones and texture them better, this was my first time using multi insert brush last night and did not want to spend 2-3 days doing it yet. This insert brush function is the bomb for chains and rope etc…

Close to getting a system dedicated to rendering, ordering beginning of August, enabling a lot more blog post, small commissions and even work 2 sets at once or speed up a WIP.

New poll will be posted today – check back later and vote please!











Jessica’s new hair

One final change, decided that Jessica has let her hair down for this set, I’m sure she will tie it into tails again but she has had 3 sets sorta same look and girls do let their hair down so here she is.

This is also taking place at her home still but out in the study area, done bunch of sets Jessica and Carina etc… in the bedroom setting  just feel its time to change thing sup a tad. So her she is starting the set off  in the study

Off to rendering now.




Elli’s new tail

Ok, poster mentioned Ellie’s hair, form original test renders and I happened to agree with the ponytail idea so here she is sporting her new ponytail. What da ya think? (of the hair not the tits!) Looks like a good place for a daemon to grab a hold of?

So, I have made progress even though I have not made progress lol, I’ve been doing  a lot of testing with lighting for Octane and indoors, using Mesh lights and IES filters and playing with settings and stuff… In doing so I have taken about 6 renders and re done them about 6 times J net net when it’s done it should look pretty good…

Between renders I’ve been watching tons of Zbrush tutorials and started looking again at Cinema 4D, something I need to learn if I’m going to take this up a notch so learn I must!



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