Wonder Woman vs Minotaur

After a long “hard” battle with this super villain Minotaur, Wonder Woman contemplates what to do next.

Just starting character creation for a set I’m going to start once Jessica / Elli are done, you should see image like this as the characters are created. Feedback welcome on the different style outfits, classic and sexy slutty and over all look of each of the Super Heroes.

Couple diff looks on the outfit and a rated PG image too, 3 more to go

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First render with a Genesis 2 mesh/character and for 15 minutes of time to set it up and render I like it.

For those that don’t know there are different options as far as base models or “meshes” you can use in this 3D stuff. Most widely used is Victoria 4 or V4, there is also a Genesis and now Genesis 2 (G2). There are pros and cons to using any of them, v4 has tons of content and support and is most widely used.

I am going to try and make a set  once my new system gets here with G2 girls and guys, the HD textures and the overall realistic look of the bends without 20-30 minutes of Zbrush time is enough for me to give it a try. This render I simply loaded the model and loaded a per-configured pose. The same pose made the V4 mesh (not the Weight mapped version) looked quite deformed (as always).

So stay tuned you may see a few more tests like this to give you an idea of the models and the look.



Contest winners iamge and update

A few weeks back I did a contest and as a result the below images were created. Cosmic won and he chose the model, room, pose and outfit. He wanted 2 guys up Chezara’s ass (3 total male) but the contest called for 1 on 1 and adding a second male was a bonus 😉 . I left the clothing off her in the sex pose it just did not look right and given the time I allotted for this, hours in Zbrush mucking with it was not in the cards. But gave you a second image to get a better look at Chezara, she was the very first model I rendered in Dec 2012.

The idea behind the images was that Chezara had a dinner with three men, after dinner she flaunted her body for them and they gangbanged her in the dining room, certainly a idea worthy of a full set some day.

The sex image has one with cum and one with out running down their shafts, im still tying to master that  stuff.

Update: Jessica and Ellie, I am at 50% done and caught up on post work on those images too. I got a few I need to go back and fix but I’ll do that once I’m at 100% posed/rendered. I have a few people QA’ing the set including Eric who is the owner of the Jessica sets in sense that he has commissioned all 3 sets and it looks like we will do a fourth down the road.

News: I ordered a new system that will be 100% dedicated to 3D rendering, Poser, Zbrush, 3DSMax, Maya and Photoshop will for the most part be all I install and use it for. I am hoping to be able to do a few things.

1. Get sets down faster by cutting render times down

2. Use this system for a bunch of small commissions I’ve been putting off and/or work on 2 sets simultaneously (so many ideas so little time)

3. More blog posts, more free bee sets

The system will have 2X the GPUs I have now and I’ve actually got a 3rd 770 sitting here doing nothing as this system had heating issues with 2 cards in it. Potentially I’ll go form 2800 GPS to almost 6000 render time should not impact getting images out, today it dose. Next week I plan to do nothing but render Jessica and Ellie so that I am well ahead of the curve for the Aug 23rd release date.







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Big round boobs

I know they are less liked than smaller real boobs to some (I prefer perky smaller real boobs myself)  but I do like to change thing sup and diversify a bit.  Ellie’s story (Bio page will be up to explain some of this) has her step father fund her large round boobs (for selfish reasons that will be done in another story).

Below pics and other girls who equip these are still pleasing to look at, as is Ellie with her big, round fake boobs  – IMO 😉

Jessica is also in this story and has modest real perky tits – so best of both worlds i suppose.



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