The Pub

Julia’s head was pounding and could barely remember a thing from the night before. The last thought she had was sitting in the pub with her friends Sara and Krissy… and the bartender. Her mouth was dry, as she tried to move saliva around it she found what appeared to be a large piece of plastic. Attempting to spit it out, she found that she couldn’t, and suddenly she began to panic. She opened her eyes, expecting to have to shield them from the light, but found that it was pitch black. She tried to move her arms, but all she could hear was a clinking sound directly above her. In increasing panic she attempted to move her legs, but she could barely feel the cold floor beneath her with her toes. She couldn’t move her hands, and with every movement she made with her body she could hear the same clinking sound above her head. She felt cold air on her legs and tits and her nipples felt a sharp biting pain. Now Julia was really panicking. She tried to scream, but all that came out was a muffled whine. Again she screamed, again nothing happened other than her muffled sound, and that clinking sound again. Julia stopped to think, her head still pounding from the night before, as she contemplated her situation. She could not remember anything after the bar, anything after that strange man, Rickert they were flirting with.

Another muffled whimper came from across the room. This too was accompanied by that clinking sound. Julia listened intently, and once again she heard the rattle of metal on metal and the sound of a stifled scream. Julia responded in kind, as if hoping to communicate with whoever was making the sound. Then in a moment of silence, as Julia’s mouth and throat began to burn, she heard yet another moan, this time to her left, and suddenly a terrible thought popped into her head. She had heard two distinct sounds, one on either side of her, and given her last memories of the night before, and the people she was with, she had a truly awful feeling in the pit of her stomach.

A sound of a door opening and then lights flashed on and blinded her and the sound of footsteps. Julia’s eyes adjusted to the light although still blurred it allowed her a glimpse of her surroundings, not enough to take anything in at all, but just enough to let her know that this was really happening. The footsteps grew louder and louder, until it became clear there was more than one pair of feet, different types of shoes, until eventually the footsteps grew so loud against the floor that Julia knew that somebody was standing in front of her…….

Inspired by strutter and his many images like this, story based on an erotic story I read recently, I am trying to contact the author to render images to it 😉

I plan to render this story slowly over time, I want your input on the next image, not the story and final result the next image, I plan to use a suggestion from this post/comments as the basis of the next image and have this organically grow over time like 1 image a month type thing between image sets.

Also reminder The Chronicles Of Dun’ragon Chapter three – The Half-Drow is available at Mongo Bong, Affect3D and Renderotica if you can please support the efforts  😉



Winners of contest and cast teaser

Hi all,

This is most of the cast for the “Jessica: Reflections” set that is the current work in progress, the third installment of Jessica and her controlling Vampire Daemon. This time Elli her older sister is introduced to two daemon minions, for now use your imagination as to what they do to her. She has a few unique traits from that of our lovely Jessica.

I’m in a bit on a conundrum at the moment, Octane 2.0 is out but I can’t get that until the 1st of July next week. There are some great changes that will affect images; hair for example will look much better, displacement maps for skin bumps / veins etc… now supported. So really, continuing the production set until I get my hands on that version won’t make sense. So I may put up some random images the next few days for your enjoyment.

OK the winners!
Prize #1 Lazy Fuck Shoot me an e-mail and I will send you a free copy of the 92 image set releasing tomorrow!
Prize #2 Cosmic Shoot me an e-mail and give me your image details and ill render it and send to you.

I plan to do this type of contest every set I release, it really helped me seeing the posts and interaction on the blog.



Carina preview

The daemon who loves to play with toys and Carina is back, Balatro made his first appearance in the image set Carina Toys in the Attic (available at Monog’s Site) where he tormented Carina with all sorts of bondage toys and props until she submitted into a wave of lustful sex.

It looks like he pays her a visit at school armed with chains,  new for Carina as her nightmares have never happened here.

These are test images early stages for this 3DX image set, still have a set to do before I get to this open but wanted to get some feedback.

Also keep voting / commenting on the previous post as I will announce the winners Friday night.

New poll on sire also regarding text / comic styles you most like if at all.

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Chapter 3 The halfdrow Part 1

Ok fans, the long awaited chapter 3 of the Chronicles of Dun’ragon will be finished this week as we are on the final 4 images of the set. We took a Chronicles set that was to be teased in this one but made available in the future after Chapter 3 and decided to incorporate it into this set and kinda giving you two chronicles in one.

Confused? We are too, lol, but youll enjoy it anyway!

We are giving you two more reasons to snatch this set up as soon as its available with Mongo Bongo and Affect3d on June 28th , the first is one of iberios (who is the master mind behind the story and main QA resource  for images) all-time favorites with the halfdrow, the halfelf and the halforc are being taken to trial. Fae’aria ignores Naila and looks back at Tharkan in worry, but not for herself, she fears for his life!

And the second image introduces a new woman of power, Lady Sylma, into all their lives, but is she friend or foe? Looks can sometimes be deceiving…

Anyway, keep voting and commenting . We will continue to put out the best images we can whether you like it or not! Lol. Unless we hear from you, we wont know if you want to continue to follow the stories…

Thanks and enjoy!

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