Futanari Set Done!

Post working the final images now, ~ 65 total as I am rendering the last image or 2 today. The set will be available at Affect 3D and Mongo Bongo and as soon as I know the date they can list I will let you know too.

No story other than maybe a few words on what was going through my head with the images, in short Erin (Red head Futa girl) has kept her secret from the other girls at school, however today Vikki  (who likes boys and  girls) was too tempting today and Erin (although she tries) can not contain her lust. The set has a little of everything this time close ups, cum (lots) Blowjob, Tit Fucking, Straight Fucking and Vikki loses her anal virginity too!

I owe the blog posts so I think I will do a few one offs this week before restarting Dunragon, the good news, it is 50% done with that and should be able to get things wrapped up fairly soon.



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