Progress update

Lots of stuff going on this week.

Here are some test renders they are not part of the set. I had to change Vikki’s skin texture (Blonde), won’t get into boring details on why. I also had to fix her hair. Vikki is done head to toe including a belly piercing that is quite sexy on her.

I have changed Erin’s hair 6+ times, the final decsion was not this hair, I will post an image later for a preview of it.

Lost a Video card this weekend, 🙁 one of my 770s….. Every time I went to render my PC would shut off. Took the bad one out and no shutdowns, waiting on a replacement later this week. this severely hampers render times, cuts them in half not to mention a day of trouble shooting Octane, Power Supply and then Video card to figure out the issue. Gota love technology when it fails. I am hoping to get a system 100% dedicated to rednering this year.

3 days of travel last week also put a hold on iamge rendering.

Its interesting watching the voting on the Futa posts, its truly a love hate thing lol, also vote on that poll for me to the right, looking to get 200+ votes again.

Mongo has put out some sets that deserve looking at as has Epoch, go cehck out thier new 3D iamge sets out they are awesome!

Thank you.




Futanari incoming

Dunragon set 2 (Part III) is at 50% done, I have decided to take a short break from that and get the poll winner set done with a self-imposed deadline of 3 weeks starting now. Poll was competitive so good chance we get to all of these in some manner this year.

The futanari  image set story part will be sort and sweet at the opening to introduce you to Erin and Vicki, 40-60 images in total. Originally the plan was to kill two birds with one stone, as I have been sitting on a futa set that has 80 images and the poses (thanks to Sumuner) are all done however rather than work (redner) that for a few months we shall opt for a reduced futanari set and I will get back to the larger commission futa set later. (hang in there Eric Chezara and Jade will get done 😉

The poll was a nice source of feedback, I have posted another one that will be there until we get 200-300 votes, see poll on right side and please cast a vote.

Im still playing around with animation when time permits, nothing good to show yet. Also still looking at C4D, been bouncing in and out of that now for a few months, have the tools to import characters but Vray materials – not so easy to set up or learn with skin and stuff.

Thanks for checking in.



Quick update and Naila Mianon

Halfway done and next part is set up, we are going from one place to another in this set so its taking time to set things up before rendering starts. Shooting for end of March. When done will be worth the wait 😉





Dun’ragon update and Nyssia

Ok, its time for the weekly-ish update!

Dun’ragon chapter 3; we are halfway through to finishing! We are very sorry for the delay, but we were and still are heavily experimenting with trying to complete multiple sets at the same time, new technologies, new story telling devices and ofcourse, animations. Very few of these experiments were or are successful, lol. And im not gonna lie, we got a little burnt out at one point, so basically there has been one delay after the other, in addition to the standard disagreement over one image or the other, lol

Case in point; this image post here of the Queen’s Herald, (yes it is spelled Herald, not herold, lol) Lady Nyssia Nai’limion, Mistress of the Queen’s Court (for you detail hounds that are keeping track) she finds herself in a certain situation, and has certain feelings about it. We’re keeping it vague for reasons that will be self-evident when the set goes on sale, and you’ll just have to find out why, who, where, what and how then! This image is free to you good fans cuz it will not be in the set, but you may add it to your collection in the meantime! Enjoy!

Continue voting in the poll, please! We had plans to have the star wars; swtor set be next, or possibly the Lauren set, but it looks like red riding hood is what you guys want! Your vote matters, so please take the time, and thanks for that.

Thanks again for your fantastic support!


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