Blog update

Fixed some much needed issues with the blog functionality, added a new toy (poll) and updated the 2 bio images for Carina and Lauren (both had images dating back over a year ago before I had Octane, added  Fae’aria’s Bio page too (thansk to writing skills form iberios)

So here is what was fixed and/or added.

1.      The Bio pictures for both Carina , in her typical monster dream stalking situation to coincide with her iamge sets and Lauren having a limo sent to pick her up on her 18th birthday (who would send Lauren a Limo full of naked men to use her (with video equipment)? Stay tuned for answers but some may remember Lauren enjoys this type of treatment.  Fae’aria Bio added as she has and will be a regular.

2.      I liked what Mongo did with his blog  poll so much so I copied his idea (im sure he is planning a DDOS attack on my site) plesae take your mouse over to yhe right and VOTE on the Poll!

3.      The slider at the top got a re-fresh on images more in line with recent work 6 new ones from past works, Oh and it won’t hang anymore!

4.      The feedback form works, so I will receive the feedback in my e-mail.

5.      Comments work when logged into Gmail, in the past this caused some people issues.

6.      Counter at bottom is fixed, it had decided to throw up all over itself now it will track total visitors.

This was needed to keep the blog in working order. Now, back to rendering Dunragon III this needs to get done soon! I will post test animations as I do them here for you to critique.




Bryonia via DAZ3d and Reality

Hey all, few things to update on and another new girl to rate.

First the new girl (Bryonia), she was rendered in DAZ3D using the LUX Render Plug-in called Reality. Bryonia is a Victoria 6 figure / Genesis 2 female.  Now these models can work in Poser however I require a importer called DSON that I don’t like using for reasons we won’t get into. I do however like many of these new G2 models and it’s what drives me to get to know DAZ3D slowly.

Making progress on Dunragon III we are now over the 40 image mark with the 100 image target, the Queens Herald was introduced most recently (she is the green haired babe with the staff in this post) and she renders quite nicely especially in the hot sex shots we have her in 😉

I have the itch again to get back into C4D, I played around with it enough to know the interface and do some simple molding but I really need to import a Poser gal and play around with VRay materials for some reason I feel compelled to try it.

Last but not least, I have committed myself to include animation(s) with my sets. So, when the render engine is churning out an image I have been looking at online tutorials, I am also taking an animation class and did my first animation this weekend. This is not a porn animation or even a girl; it’s a stick figure I use to learn timing, spacing and movements. Soon I will post a nice one to look at with one of the girls.

I got several pointers from Stone Sorceress over at DA, his animations and over all art are AMAZING, check him out and follow him when the animation for Stone Sorceress in realesed you wont want to miss it !

WARNING: 50 Meg AVI, NOT Porn or even a girl, its a test animation to show you im working on aniamtion if you care   😉

3DZens first ever animation 2-23-2014



Amarie and Nebibi

I have many girls going back to last year I have never rendered, when I see something I like at Daz3D or Renderosity or Renderotica I buy it (impulse 3D shopper I guess).

So here is Amarie with her panther companion Nebibi.

We are 40% done with Dunragon and are making good progress the past week or so.

Finished watching the first 3 seasons of Game of Thrones, I can’t believe I never watched them when they were running but happy I am ready for the season 4 opener. I was thinking a 3D image set for it would be fun. I voted on Mongo’s site for him to do another GoT set maybe he will.

Another on the things to do is finally update the Bios, I only have 2 of the girls up there and they need new Octane rendered images and I need to add some girls we have been and will focus on down the road, so look for those updates the next month or so.

Oh and Sumuner is updating again after an lag in posts he has been dealing with real life so visit his site and show him some love.



Over due update and fucking rant

Hi all, I do not like waiting so long to do a post, my goal is to update weekly with some eye candy for you, that said I will get you a few new iamges this weekend to look at in different settings. Why 2 weeks you ask, well I have spent some time trying to figure out the issue with this iamge (see abdomen area – skin effect missing?). At first I thought it was me, then I thought it was the skin texture, then I blamed Poser and then Octane, after asking several other artist using same tools with no luck I poseted on Octane forums to assist.

This mind you after 5 days of WTF is going on here.

The Octane forums sugested it may be morph data causing the mesh to warp in an unnatural manner, so another day of loading each morph one by one on a new V4 figure……..

It turns out its the pose, Aparently this pose Fs up the mesh or maybe a combo of this pose + other stuff i sue,  in the abdomen area, see how there is no wet / shiney skin look in that spot – rather obvious and shitty.

Anyway, this image is not in the Dunragon set – but a simialr hand made pose will be with the skin looking appropriate on allb body parts.

Back to working on the 3D iamge set now, as mentioend I will take a day and render you some eye candy before next week, the blog needs it 🙂




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