Dun’ragon update

Dun’ragon; chapter 3 is ongoing! We still hope to have it out middle of February, but ya never know, it may be a valentines gift! Heh heh. We have finished the opening sequence and here is a little peek at the peril that faces our Fae’aria!

I’ve also started looking at Blender again, thanks to my freind CNC and a plug in he showed me to get DAZ figures into Blender with rigged bones. Why is this a good thing and worth looking into, -> animation!! My goal this year is to be able to provide good animation with 3D image sets. This can be done in Ocatne/Poser and will look into that but I also want to have an option with a different render engine in the quest for phot relistic renders.

Give me a few months maybe you will see a few animations!



Multi Tasking with Red and Dunragon

With the positive feed back the posted image of Little Red (thank you for voting) recvied I am going to try to juggle two projects, Dunragon is the main focus but there are several envirnments and multiple actors that give me some non-rendering down time.  Allowing an oppertunity to render Red and her story on occasion. Lets see how this works out.

Red starts off in the woods, you all have seen her posible fate, if you have ideas or requests post them below, this will be a slow moving image set so good ideas no matter how late could find there way in. So………… lets here what you want to see. I am not doing a multiple actor(s) set with this one, I am ready to stick a fork in my eye with the 5 goblins and now the 5+ actors ive been dealing with in Dunragon, so no wolf gangbang, should she be saved by a handsom woodsman, or a girl friend or jsut let a wolf play with a new sex toy and?

The opening scene images for Dunragon is done, moving to second act now.



Dont answer the door

Mom always said dont answer the door for strangers.

No time to focus on Dunragon today but I had posed this iamge a while ago and figured I would kick off a rende rwhile i was out and post it for you to review and coment. Tried an oily skin to see how it looked also, needs a bit of a tone down on the oil effect, I will work that out next time.

I could think of several sotries this could be played out with 🙂



Pin up

Yea, I don’t do these 3D pinup iamges often (like never) but bordom kicked in and well, she is cute don’t yea think? What shall we name her? Or better yet what should we do with her  >-)

Back to rendering Dunragon iamges.


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