Halloween rating winner, Kimi

Last month I posted 4 random Halloween theamed images and asked for votes (thank you all who voted) and the one that had the highest rating would get some attention with a 20 image 3D set free-bee.



The results are in:


Haloween and Stuff 4.76
Wishingwell or a trap 4.7
Day 1 4.4 Rating
Happy Halloween (Frankenstine) 4.35 rating

Our winner (Kimi) and perhaps a regular going forward as I do like her look. Changed the setting and also tried a new skin set up for monster in Octane, more a daemon than a vampire or perhaps a daemon vampire, you decide. This one is more forceful then the others as Kimi is left as a sacrifice to a very horny daemon who unloads in her pussy, ass, mouth and then all over her, leaving her one sticky mess.

*One note: I was going to make an iamge showing his long nails retracting and stuff but i ran out of timei and energy so, yea he can do that and stuff.

Also a reminder, If you can please visit Mongo’s site or Affetc3D site and buy the last set I did (and all their other 3DX iamge sets, they are increadbly well done). This,  so I can get a new video card! Faster renders = more free-bee sets I promise.  So far sales have been mehhh…. 🙁

Watched about 10 hours of video training on Cinema 4D and VRay this weekend. Why?,,,, well when I started 3D rendering, some of motivation stemed from images Hitman had put up and he used these tools to create those renders. I have no idea if I will ever render a set using them but I am going to at least try and get a character into C4D and render it, I will post it here, I’m thinking January to get to that point but not sure.

I think it’s time to see what type of Nightmares Carina is having

Downlaod here, add to your cart, check out and downlaod instantly: 21 iamges Deamon Toy Kimi

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The Chronicles of Dun’Ragon

Our beautiful half elf Fae’aria finds herself looking for a quick meal, but ends up being the meal for some werewolves. The only thing is they’re not looking to eat her, but to fuck her! With the creatures surrounding her and no escape in sight they start to have their way with her, then she’s saved by an unlikely hero: An orc! Fae’aria doesn’t know what the orc’s intentions for saving her were, but she’s engrossed by him. She wants to take things further with him, things that may cost them both dearly…

This was a very fun images set and to do and as usual got a lot bigger the more we went down the path, The story is by Iberios who is pretty well known in 3D world and it was a pleasure to work with him, he helped a lot with QA on image s as well.

In all 91 iamges 1920×1080 (anyone who wants an iamge at a different resolution e-mail me im happy to do so. There are also 60 or so image/text panels that guide you through whats happening (samples below).

The set is listed with both Mongo Bongo and Affect3D !!

Mongo’s Site Here

Affect 3D Site Here

I lost a video card last week and want to get another more powerful one so i can pump more 3D images out, please help me out if you can, thank you.

Also, as promised, a free 20 iamge all sex set im working on now from last months contest blog post winner!

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Twi’lek and updates

First real attempt at setting up a 3D Twi’lek, trying to get some models worked out for a SWTOR set that eventually will be done, early stages of discussions on it and have a few other things to get done before I can get going on this image set. I would love some feedback, is this type of 3DX of interest and any thoughts on character development / improvement are welcome.

I used to play the game and there are a ton of places to take a story and 3D sex, not to mention Twi’lek girls are hot. I want to work on a Sith Twi’lek next see how skins look. Then need to work on male characters.

Wednesday look for a post on the Elf set, its completed and will officially be released on the 20th.

Also, it’s time to whip up a nightmare for Carina, she was my first set I did last Christmas (sex with Santa) she has not been rendered in Octane yet and she is overdue, that may take up the next few weeks.



Home Streach Fae’aria

Well, almsot done with lovley Fae’aria. Looking at the 16th as a deadline no later than that for this 3D Image set and story. I have 5-6 more iamges this weekend im working on , post work in Photoshop and a few fixes over the week should do it. In total 75 or so iamges, story to go along with it! Lots of things going on the past few months slowed this down a bit. I am already starting a set I want to get done by mid December for XMass 🙂

In some shity tech news, one of my 4Gig GPU cards crapped out, got a new one sent to me but the manufacturere, they changed the external video card power pins to ones my rig wont support, what a drag, im back to 5-6 hour render times per iamges now really sucks!

Here are a few of  Fae’aria enjoying a little fore play, these renders did not make it into final set but here they are anyway 😉

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