Happy Halloween (treat for Frankenstein)

Apparently the Dr. gave up and left for the night, Gabriella could not resist trying a treat of her own to get Frankenstein… “up”   so she could recive a rather large treat herself 🙂

This will be the last monster teaser for October, of the last 4 posts  the post with the highest rating will get a 20 iamge set done based on the charachters featured in the post, the last 4 are the ones we are using for the contest, so vote the one you like best and I will put together an all sex 3D iamge set  ;).  Also keep in mid all 4 of these wer eput together rather quickly, lightign, textures and skin may change when i give it more focus.

Update on Elf / Orc set, 50 iamges done 10-15 to go !

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Day 1

Last thing Jillian remembers is getting into a taxi at the airport. Why is she here, hogtied and her jeans are removed…. check back for Day 2 image later this week . I have a story in my head for this one if i can find time to render it. I suppose this could be a monster pic for Haloween too, so we will track this for votes too.

Update on Elf set, we are at 43 images now, doing another QA check with Miro, Mongo and others I am hopefull to have this done with in a week 🙂 its taken a lot longer than expected but between working with the story writter, re rendering stuff thats jsut not right and real life … well yea its takign longer than I anticipated bu tI do lik ehow things are lookign so far and teh story is great with room to expand later if peoplelike part 1.



Wishing well or a trap?

I like this character a lot, cute little Elf. Unfortunately for her this horney undead fiend has set up a trap for unsuspecting Elf’s in the woods here. She thought it was her lucky day with this wishing well but it turns out it’s his lucky day.

She needs a name, any ideas? Back to Elf 3d image set, we are at 36 images, travel has killed me this month……….. Priorities..

Ill try and get anotehr monster / halloween theam posted this weekend, as mentioned in last post I will put a 20 imagee 3D set together of the one that gets highest rating so if you like vote 🙂 thanks!

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Halloween and stuff

I have a bunch of 3D monsters I want to render (never rendered in teh past) to see how they look and of course we will need girls in trouble with them, so ill take a break on Elf stuff here and there this month and post some monster stuff up here for you to check out, the one with the most votes will get a set done, hows that? So if you like the monste r/ girl teasers vote and I will follow up with a 20 iamges or so set listed here no costs etc… 🙂  maybe this gets you guys to click on vote button 😉

I am 34 iamges into the Elf set with her wolfs and Orc, my plan is to get over 40 this week do QA with some of my 3D friends and then by end of next week be pretty darn close to done. We’ll see, in the mean time ill post some monsters for this month, maybe every other day that willl give you about 5-8 to vote on for a set I will do in November.

Chezara and Jade image story set are still on deck too, cant focus on it much ATM. Its next however.

If I can get myself a Titan video cards or 2 I might be able to get 2 sets a month out soon,,, well see.


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