Fea’aria update

This image did not make the Fea’aria Elf image set that’s still a WIP, 25 images done, ran into a few changes that had me re render a bunch but hoping to get the second half done a bit faster.

Why is she scratched up, why is this Orc stalking her, where is her pet?? All answered in the image set / story…. But she does have a nice ass so thought I would share.

Also still doing another commission on the side while most of the focus is on this set, between real work, real life it’s been a struggle to render much the past few weeks. I do have a commercial image request too! If I can share those I will, should be done this week.

I’m also trying to understand how to keep you all coming back and at least voting on these posts. In the end I suppose its quality but the traffic is going down, the votes are less frequent and from my perspective it’s a bit discouraging. Ok, Monday morning rant off.




Fea’aria and stuff

The Elf / Orc 3D image story is moving along with Fea’aria, she has went off into the forest to hunt but she has become the hunted as she crosses paths with a pack of werewolf’s, who get increasingly angry after she kills off and wounds a bunch of them.

Completed 20 images and working on the next one now, I was splitting time between this and Jade-Chezara set but it got too hectic so I am going to just finish this one. It looks like this one will be at least 50 images, given that we are 20 images in and it’s still setting up the main parts. I just can’t do images sets without trying to show you why things are happening. This also has a story that I am going to be putting dedicated image/text in-between the pictures.

Jade and Chezzara, commission, few test renders so far but it will get full attention shortly. I will post a teaser this

In other news I got a second 4 Gig GeFORCE 770, this more than doubles my GPUs and has cut rendering time by about 60%. This image with the 1 4 gig card would have taken about 7 hours, today it rendered in 2.5 hours. This means more images less time.



Curent Project(s) and Navigation/Comments

Hi all

First, the age verification issue and the need to have e-mail and name in order to post comments resolved this weekend. After a lot of tweaking it looks like ill need some custom code to stop the all too often teask of verifying age on my site and also i heave tired 4 plug in widgets none of them no matter the setting will stop the requirement for e-mail and name to leave a comment. Monday this will be resolved.

Also, I am working 2 projects in parallel now. First is a set of me new Elf her name is Fae’aria (teaser below), a tale of an Elf, Werewolves and an Orc.

The other is a commission with Chezara and Jade but im not going to spoil the bases of this story, ill post teaser of these two 3D babes in a bit.


Jessica Part 2

Jessica tormented for several months because of what she belies was an encounter with a Vampire who found the flirty girl in a mansion alone. In part one the Vampire cast mind control on the young lady causing her to become a submissive little cock loving slut.

The Part 1 files done last April can be downloaded here Jessica Part 1

Part 2 picks up where part 1 left off, Jessica standing in front of a mirror in the old mansion, her freind Kim had gone in the house to find her only to discover Jessica naked, sweaty and what appeared to be cum on the floor, on he face and between he legs. Jessica tries to plead with Kim she was rapped and bitten by something a monster. Jessica also can;t belive all teh furnature that was in teh house is now gone? Kim sees no evidence of rape or bite marks and ther ehas been no furnature in the house for years. Jessica must have passed out and had a dream while some of her other friends must have played a sick joke on her.

She goes to the Police they also find no evidence of rape or wrong doing and suggests she see Dr Papa (Carina’s Dr if you recall). He suggests, as he did with Carina, that these dreams or hallucinations are bent up sexual frustration and she should submit to the dreams to have them dissipate over er time.

Well, Jessica gets a visit in Part 2 this time in her bedroom, she is once again placed under some type of mind control and is sexual ravished by the very well hung Vampire once again.

Part 3 may may have Carina and Jessica in join therapy 🙂

Part 2 is available at Mongo Site : 42 iamge 3DX swt of 1920×1080 as well as the same42  images with comic text thanks to Mad Monk and his efforts on the comic.

Samples below, Jessica looks much better in Octane 🙂







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