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Most of my free time is focused on this 3D image commision /story, part 2 of a comission I did of Jessica and her encounter with a Vampire after taking a dare from her freinds to stay in an abandon manssion for 1 hour. This one pcks up where it left off but most of the set takes place in Jessica bedroom where after falling asleep guess whos back 🙂 When all said and done this will be about 30-35 iamges.

Part one i shere on my old blog still

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No Parking Zone

All the nearby street parking was taken, low on time Alex thought she could park her car near this loading dock so she could run into the store, its Sunday after all and the place is closed that uses it. Officer Williams noticed her park and rather than have her move the car,he waited for her to return and proceeded to teach her a lesson about respecting the laws of the town.








New look for Riya

So after posting Riya I decided to play around with her build a bit, thought id share some quick renders and this is what I came up with, a bit more shapely 😉 I also got new HDRI lights that I wanted to play around with. These lights are great for things like this, solo pin up shots with out a room or environment but not so good for the later. I did work with a bunch of HDR(s) that should improve part II of Ja’linn as im going to re render a few with diff lighting – we shall see.

I worked all weekend with lighting on the commission i am doing (Part II of Jessica Part I is HERE) and Jessica looks better in Octane in my opinion, I am about 50% done with that then focusing on Orc-Elf set. Jessica teasers will be posted later in the week.

I really want to do something with Riay = below 🙂 maybe a Sci-Fi set?

Looking into the site navigation too based on comment i got yesterday.

Vote please 🙂

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Riya aftermath

On her way home Riya decides to throw away her left over lunch when she spots a dumpster in an alleyway, its day time so nothing to be scared about, right? Check back tomorrow and see exactly what angry tentacles will do to our unsuspecting Riya.

Have had this model since December could never get her to work, well…. I frigged out why, it needs S4 and Dyson importer properly installed and BAM lovely new babe added to our girls. I will be doing a set with her for sure (probably change her skin as the default skin is too flat and unrealistic IMO), I have one other image rendering now a tab mo re(cough cough) explicit. Hit — I goggled Tentacle porn and used an image as a reference for the next one  🙂

A while back i got a request to do a tentacles set but busy work and life just never let me get started, I may now revisit as with ZBrush fixing them is not so bad Vs Poser tools – magnets and shit…

Vote and stuff, please.



Not a full set no time for that but I did want to render this gal and haven’t played with the tentacles in a long time figured I would give them a test drive and see if ZBrush is useful with them and it is.

Working on a commission part 2 of Jessica + Vampire and also making a full set of the Elf and Orc since most seem to enjoy those images I will go with the masses and I like her lots anyway.

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