A King and his pet

The spoils of war sure can spoil the royalty of this kingdom, after claiming more land to the north his men brought back several maidens who now willingly serve their new king.

Took a short break from the Ja’linn set to render this one today, new male character (Freak 4)  and I got this roman style bath house prop that I think renders ok. However the main reason was to see how this model looked in Octane 😉 . I think I will render on ea day of her for a few days to add some sensuality to this. The skin textures are thanks to RED-X (check out his blog he dose some nice renders) who has been tweaking Octane SSS Skin since Octane was released.

That said I welcome your comments on what he should do with her.



Ja’linn wolf love (Test Renders)

I decided to change ALL of this last part, Ja’linn’s skin, the environment and all the poses. None of these 20 3D images  will be in the final story set ( really hoping is done this weekend). If you want to check these 20 pictures out there is a ZIP file of werewolf monster sex  HERE. Couple more samples below.

In other news, working simultaneously on a few images for a commission set with a bad ass monster having its way with an Elf (or two), will be posted here when done, 4 images or so and may use the beast in a full image story set if enough of you feel its worthy.

After reading the Zbrush plug in capabilities for partial and full body morphs I got Zbrush this week! I am learning now and hoping next set you will see some improvements in body parts esp joints and things that are hard to deal with in Poser alone. It will also let me do customization to textures and characters,  real excited to learn it and. Will be posting some renders as I learn over the next several weeks.

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Ja’linn busy with the wolf (still)

Im re rendering all of the wolf part of Ja’linn’s story, I posted some teasers on the old blog HERE and here is another one. The reason I am re rendering is that I found a nice HDRI moon light and it seems to give better render results, the image below is not with the HDRI, I wont post any of those until I am done 😉 so these are “ok” renders of the werewolf and Ja’linn but fear not the final ones are a step up in quality.

I got Vue 11 yesterday and plan to give it a try, if I get any nice results they will be posted here of course with some erotic 3D girls to really enhance the images. May fire up the old Poser system and render some stills to import into Vue whilst I learn the software.

Anyway, let me know if you guys and gals like this image of Ja’linn, vote / comment its why I do the blog, feed back helps improve and it also gets more of what you want posted 😉 thanks!

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Aria’s sister

I am back working on the Ja’linn 3D image set, I am hoping this is done by end of the week its been a long grind. There are 3 large parts to this image set and if you look back at the blog posts here and on the old blog you can get a feel for what the general flow is. This image is part of a transition scene that pulls together the way Ja’linn eventually gets to meet our lovely werewolf.


The guards have left Aria in the Tavern basement, after a lengthy double team group sex romp,  have made there way to claim there virgin sacrifice for the wolf, Aria had no idea that making a deal with the Baron would put her sister (Angela) in a great deal of peril. The guards are not making deals with Angela she is told she is the sacrifice. They take a few liberties, not able to resist her perky tits they rip off her top to get a peek.


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