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Contest wining 7 iamge set

Result of The Connoisseur contest wining, you remember,  the “guess what’s missing in the image” I posted and after 176 guesses he got it! The shoes were missing from Jessica :-O . I suppose I will limit to 1 or 2 guesses per day :)

It was supposed to be 1 Image, he sent me 3 poses to choose from with a little back story, I did 2 of the 3 poses he asked for, BJ and Spanky but in all I rendered 7 images a few same pose diff angle. The girl was cute so didn’t mind rendering extra, who knows maybe expand over time and make it 20 or so 3DX iamges.

It’s all yours to download if you like HERE, if you want to see her red bum in color thats in the Zip. Was going to run with this and make it a set but since I just did Demon theme I figured I would mix it up for next release. The Zip file has the 7 image in color and I also did an under exposed black and white version that was pretty cool I thought 

I’m till 1 contest winner behind and will work on that next week, more monster sex ;)

Thank you to all who supported the release of Jessica and Ellie, starting a new set this week!

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3DX image set avaialbe tomorrow!

Hi all, tomorrow Saturday Aug 23rd Jessica and Ellie: Demon Doll House will be available at Affect3D, Mongo Bongo and Renderotica. If you can please support the efforts, much appreciated!

The 3DX image set has 82 images in 1920×1080 high resolutions. For sex, Oral, Anal, DP, Voyeur, submissive, lite restraint, 4 different cum shots spread out in the set, monster sex, vampire … you get the idea.

Some images below couple not shown in the past one I have but shows Jessica with her original hair I went back to.

As for Harley, I do plan to do some superhero stuff, she is a character I like and will be part of some stuff, I will make some adjustments as I do will post her here for you to comment on.

I plan to get Connoisseur’s commission done soon, just needed to decompress form 6 weeks of rendering

I have the cast for next set nearly done ill post that for a day or 2 of feedback before I start rendering it.

Don’t forget add me to your Twitter account if you can – @3Dzen

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Harley Quinn

This is an outfit I had made by a person over at DA, I was going to wing it and just get close with what’s available and mucking with textures and what not but in the end I did not want to take a week or so dealing with it and I wanted it close to Harley’s look as possible, so I commissioned it out.

I plan to create the other models that will be in this DC Universe set over the next few days and weekend, ill post them here as I make them. Next on the list is Bat Girl.

I am going to dual wield the next 6-8 weeks and try and use both systems to get 2 sets cooking.

Jessica and Ellie are done, 82 images in all, everything has been looked at by Affect3D, Mongo and Renderotica (they will all have the set available for $10 starting this Saturday.

Have a good weekend.



New Girl and status on 3DX set

Starting some initial set up on 2 image sets working on in a week or so, this girl will be in one of them, I really like her and will reveal a bit more of her in the coming weeks once I create the textures needed for the privet parts. The other set will have a teaser end of this week or weekend, I had a custom outfit made and need to play around with that then render for you.

Still setting up stuff on the new system, Photoshop needs installing and old content, so far I have only installed a bunch of the newer G2 stuff.

I’ve really slacked off on learning maya and plan to get back into that today.

Jessica and Ellie have 4-5 images left will get to about 80 in all. This set has a lot of different aspects to it, oral, missionary, doggy, DP, anal, tit fucking, 4 different cum shots as these daemons seem to have loads of stamina (pun intended), voyeur, lite bondage and submissive behavior. The girls had the heels on the entire set so no foot stuff this time. Not to mention Mad Monk created a tremendous comic version with the images and has put in a ton of work writing and re writing the dialogue.

I am up loading the sets to the sites Wednesday hope you can support the efforts.


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