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Rubi, Batgirl updates

Hi all,

Didi Solomon and I are done with ACT I of Rubi’s set (Elf/Panther story) it’s 15 images in. Mostly its setting up the story but there are boobs to see at the very least J

Also, I am 7 images into the Batgirl and Harley story; I am in debate about this one at the moment. For now it’s a WIP that’s on hold.

I got my 1 and only $250 pledge over ate Patreon (blew me away) so that person gets to direct a story ill render out 50-70 images etc.. So I may shift to rendering that story instead.

Anyway, here is one image of the 7 from Batgirl I consider the 7 images more concept renders for now.



Get a grip

I have 4 monthly $50 + pledges where the 4 folks kind enough to support my efforts get to choose an image of their liking every month. They communicate what 3D model, monster, guy, situation, pose and fetish (no illegal stuff of cores). The image is intended for them only, no intention on my part to share with anyone unless they proactively tell me its ok. This particular person wished to share :) so for futa / Erin fans here you go. The idea was before part one of Erin and Vikki, Erin was in the locker room shower with a “firm grasp” on her situation, lucky Vikki walked in :) shortly after.

I’m seeking ideas for Part III of Erin and Vikki, I have a few suggestions but want a few more, looking at Erin and Vikki in a school setting still but something different, feel free to post an idea.

If Futanari is not your thing please move on and dont vote, the votes are not for “do you like the genre” its for iamge quality and composition feedback.




Rubi update

Ten images into the Rubi set, however Didi has given me 60 “pages” for the illustration/story and the 10 iamges take care of the first 3 :-/. I am also 4 iamges into the Batgirl – Harley set, ill post that next – in a few days. I am having fun with both sets :)

Realistically these will be done in Jan some time.

Princess Rubi is not too fond of Ty’s advances here.



New news and old news

First the old news, to some, I have uploaded Deamon Doll House images and comic (Jessica and Elli part III) to my Patreon page. Patreons $5 or more monthly will have access to all the old sets and as new stuff is released access to that.

Another thing I’m trying is to post in increments of 10 the Elf set, Title is The Cats Pajamas, as they are done, trying to render 2 sets in parallel to get 2 sets out in Jan. Carina set is on hold until I get handle on DAZ and Octane in DAZ, G2 in Poser is stupid and bad, awful to work with (Jack Frost is G2).

New news, Harley Quim has captured Bat Babe and has her held up in a strip club! Why a strip club, strange place for a hot villain to bring her arch rival? Turns out there are a few assets at the club Harley plans to leverage in order to humiliate her nemesis. More to come

Animation update. I’m in the final 3 weeks of class, we are working walks, lots of walks. I have learned a lot especially on posing and expressing feeling/emotion though posing beyond the foundation animation parts. I’m still not there with Maya due to V4 or G2 rigging, basically getting these characters in Maya to start experimenting. I will have to learn some rigging once this animation class is done to start testing. I also have 2 other software tools I am looking at, one allows me to make clothing the other is a kick ass texturing application, both I have demo copies of but have not looked at yet.

Oh and this week marks my 2 year anniversary doing 3DX, I will have to find the first renders I did and post them, maybe a time line would be good to do?


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