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Futa and Dunragon Update

I know, I know… its been a while since last post.

This image is the first 3D image from ACT III of the Dunragon set I am 50% done with, before I took a break to get the futa set done etc… One of the Elf guards  escorting the prisoners to a location the queen can have a look but you will see all that soon enough.

Futa set is coming along im in the 40s for images, several new or improved things you will see in this set, like close ups and POV, if you like this genre you will enjoy these images.

As mentioned I played a few weekends of Wildstar, I don’t think I will subscribe to be honest, game over all isn’t bad I just got bored with it rather quickly, sorta same old same old MMO to me and the cartoony characters is not my cup of tea. I wish Warcraft and Terra would merge, Warcraft still has the best overall game experience and Terra graphics just kick ass. Blizzard ought to consider re releasing Warcraft level 1-60 with a brand new graphics gaming engine.

I travel next week and 2 weeks in May, im crossing my fingers Futa set is done before May 1 and I think that’s realistic.

I plan to get another 1 or 2 iamge sup before i leave fo rmy trip next week so check back and also vote, the  votes keep me motivated, mroe votes, more motivation, more iamges for you here.



Update, Wildstar and other stuff

Sorry for the lag on blog posts, this month is busy with travel 2 full weeks I will be MIA in April.

This is a first pass as a 3DX image and is based on a remake of one of my all time favorite renders done by another artist, a very common 3D image out there im sure you will find or have seen If you browse the 3D genre, the artist who did it is excellent, I have forgot his handdle but I will track that down over at Renderotica and post it. Id love to do an entire 3D iamge set of this. I may have a follow up with fluids all over her soon.

The Futa set is 30% done, 20 images. I took yesterday and today off to get this image done. Later today I will get back posing more for Erin and Vikki. Still at 1 video card and for Octane that’s a killer for render time. I did get a replacement but the power connectors were incorrect – 2/ 8 pin and my power supply needs -1/ 8 and -1/ 6… so sent it back and may just keep this system as is. I am hopeful to get a dedicated system with 2 or even 3 GPU cards in it so I can get renders done much faster and turn more content/sets out at a higher rate.

I am playing around with Realflow, it’s a 3D liquid simulation application. I got the very basics down, I can make water, what I am struggling with is making sticky, gooey fluid to simulate, ummm stuff for the girls to be covered in. I am really hoping I can get this right, it be a nice add to the iamges Vs post working that into renders.

I pre ordered the MMO Wildstar to gain access to the Beta weekends and give it a look, gives me something to do while rendering chugs along. It looks pretty good but this weekend I will have a better feel for it. I leveled 3 toons to lvl 10 last weekend and now I need to get a few to level 20 and give the first instance a go. The mechanics look pretty intense lots of team work and awareness needed, might be fun. I tried the Medic, Esper and Spellslinger classes of the 3 I thought Esper (to level 10) was pretty good, may give the Engineer class a go.



Progress update

Lots of stuff going on this week.

Here are some test renders they are not part of the set. I had to change Vikki’s skin texture (Blonde), won’t get into boring details on why. I also had to fix her hair. Vikki is done head to toe including a belly piercing that is quite sexy on her.

I have changed Erin’s hair 6+ times, the final decsion was not this hair, I will post an image later for a preview of it.

Lost a Video card this weekend, :( one of my 770s….. Every time I went to render my PC would shut off. Took the bad one out and no shutdowns, waiting on a replacement later this week. this severely hampers render times, cuts them in half not to mention a day of trouble shooting Octane, Power Supply and then Video card to figure out the issue. Gota love technology when it fails. I am hoping to get a system 100% dedicated to rednering this year.

3 days of travel last week also put a hold on iamge rendering.

Its interesting watching the voting on the Futa posts, its truly a love hate thing lol, also vote on that poll for me to the right, looking to get 200+ votes again.

Mongo has put out some sets that deserve looking at as has Epoch, go cehck out thier new 3D iamge sets out they are awesome!

Thank you.




Futanari incoming

Dunragon set 2 (Part III) is at 50% done, I have decided to take a short break from that and get the poll winner set done with a self-imposed deadline of 3 weeks starting now. Poll was competitive so good chance we get to all of these in some manner this year.

The futanari  image set story part will be sort and sweet at the opening to introduce you to Erin and Vicki, 40-60 images in total. Originally the plan was to kill two birds with one stone, as I have been sitting on a futa set that has 80 images and the poses (thanks to Sumuner) are all done however rather than work (redner) that for a few months we shall opt for a reduced futanari set and I will get back to the larger commission futa set later. (hang in there Eric Chezara and Jade will get done ;)

The poll was a nice source of feedback, I have posted another one that will be there until we get 200-300 votes, see poll on right side and please cast a vote.

Im still playing around with animation when time permits, nothing good to show yet. Also still looking at C4D, been bouncing in and out of that now for a few months, have the tools to import characters but Vray materials – not so easy to set up or learn with skin and stuff.

Thanks for checking in.


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