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Futa Tryouts


Tryouts for my next Futa girl / set :) what one you like best? All G3 girls with new prop with balls this time.  Wont use this hair and prob mess with body some but face and basic shape so far.



Sonya 1-55


Set will be released May 28th got 25-30 more to do until then :)

054 037


SoD update


Shades of Darkness II image set update.

Kari and Zoey have been taken to a new location for “training” this however is not Kari or Zoey, apparently they have a few other girls at this place and she has a job to do.

This set is taking a lot longer than anticipated. Three different locations (rooms) 5 actors now…. But we are rendering again.

Set will be over 100 images when done, about 30 days ETA



Because 2 is better than 1


Making progress on a few fronts.
First Sonya set has finally got the sex part, the beginning anyway, 31 images now. I am at the point that only $10 Patreons will get this current work in progress but ill send out an image ever 20 or so I render here. These two rival tribes men are going to have some fun before they kill Sonya (or thats thier plan anyway).
Also later at worst case tomorrow Shades of Darkness up date, I have spent a few weeks making the room in C4D so will be looking for feedback on that, I am no pro but im getting better with making stuff.


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