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More Hardware Issues

So today, I am rendering image 20 of the newest set I been working on, I hear the GPUs stop think, wow that was fast render is done. Nope………….  the external hard drive I have all my runtime data (poser content), all my iamge sets ive ever done, all the current images i rendered the past few weeks…….. yea all gone. Called Western Digital they confirmed hard drive is toast. Its 4 years old and never had an issue before.

I did back up the content runtimes a month or so ago but it wont help with the new props and stuff I just built or the set I was 40% done with.

I am sending the drive to a data recovery company in hopes they can pull it all back its about 1TB of data.

3 weeks ago brand new system 10 iamge sin fails, now 20 iamges into this set hard drive fails.. bad karma lately.  I think I am going to chill a week or so until I get teh new system back or this hard drive data back. I’m spent and burnt out with the effort I had put in the past month now with zero to show for it


Elfs lost this battle

Hi all, been wanting to render this character for a while. She has been rendered by others like hitman and fullytanked and makes quite a nice Elf. Not sure what monsters we have here, a few random morphs and a combo of several I had. May expand on this as I like her and I like these creatures too

I’m 10 images into the current set, planning on 60-70 and things should pick up now. I spent a lot of time playing around with textures and props for the classroom and finally think I got something decent for the set.

System update, they tell me the PCI slots had damage, from shipping perhaps? I don’t buy that its the root of the random shutdowns, we shall see. I am hoping to get the system back before the last week of Sept. When I do I need to get the contest winner I owe done and start on the next set.

Been in Maya tutorials daily, 2-6 hours the past few weeks. I’m getting close and may get the Octane plug in soon and test render a few things. I’m hopeful to learn that well enough to leverage it for animation, I can’t take much more of Poser mostly the lag I get when I’m posing with lots of characters and props in the scene its idiotic how poor the application responds on a system that’s quite powerful, CPU, RAM, Video etc…



Quick update – teaser Vikki / Erin

Sorry for the lag in updates, I do want to update here more often however with the system issues I had over the weekend I just had no time. The system is headed back for replacement, I’m hopeful to get it back by end of September… I was 6 renders into a set that I was pretty excited to do, little different idea etc…I will restart that as soon as I can

I spent about a week getting this University class scene set up, it’s the opening for Vikki and Erin Part II, and apparently they left the locker room and headed to class, where Vikki is more interested din texting Erin rather than listening to the teacher lecture (I wish my teachers dressed like that) more images to follow as I get this thing moving along, literally on render two now.

I have finally got the re-texturing thing to a point I get it, I can unwrap 3D objects, create new UVs, then paint or apply textures. Most of the hard surface props in this were custom done, not that I had to do all of them but I wanted to for a better understanding.

Still working towards doing some animation this year, it was a stated goal and the new system was going to free up my old system to do just that, keep making sets while learning animation and experimenting.

I have a back log of projects to get done

  1. Contest winner
  2. Vikki / Erin II
  3. Set I started and on hold with new system issues
  4. Jade and Chezara commission
  5. BSDM set with writer I am working with
  6. Dunragon III
  7. More Monser Sex (maybe Carina)

The only other news is I can now get these characters and scenes into Maya, still real early but Maya / Animation with Octane plug in for Maya is the long term goal.




I got nothing but dissapointment

No images just a note. I got a new system a few weeks back, started a new set only 5 or so iamges in. System started powering down randomly yesterday and now is unusable wont stay on more than 20 minutes. I’m pretty sure the cooling system shit the bed but who knows. Its a long weekend I planned to get 10 or so iamge sin for this new set and now im probably goign to have to start from scratch. Took me all week just to set up the interior with mad monk helping out on new props and textures.

very upset now… sucks



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